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About Us

Since our grass roots beginnings, we have strived to provide innovative, high quality and high value matting products to our customers. Initially, we started by designing, manufacturing and distributing matting products made from molding recycled rubber. Our product line has since been expanded to include a wide variety of products that are manufactured by others who share our values. In doing so, we are better able to serve our customer’s changing needs with the best suited solution.

The products we distribute are used in indoor and outdoor event, environmental, resource, energy, construction and rental sectors. Pathway’s matting provides a platform and portable roadway to support people, livestock, light and heavy equipment in unstable terrain. In addition, our products protect underlying surfaces from heavy or abrasive traffic and support for hoisting and excavation equipment.

The products we distribute are designed to be durable and deliver long term performance in adverse conditions. We are particularly proud of our proprietary designs manufactured from recycled rubber. In addition to their environmental benefits, these products have superior safety features, long term durability and value. These characteristics are attributed to the strength and long-term durability found in tires, which is the primary source of our rubber. The properties of recycled rubber make it an ideal material for manufacturing superior and technically advanced products.

These matting products are also available on a rental basis through a network of companies. Many of these folks provide a full service offering and can provide you with rental inventory, delivery, installation and removal.

Our products can also be purchased outside of Canada through a network of licensed distributors.