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Product performance and innovation testing are favored activities at Pathway. It is here that we able to evaluate our ideas and measure improvement. In addition to our internal testing, we also work with our customers to conduct field testing on new innovations or to get feedback on existing products. This knowledge enables us to provide superior products, exceptional value and new solutions. As many of our products are very large, this limits where we conduct our testing. Consequently, Pathway uses some large and different types of testing apparatuses.

Soil Compaction

This simulation illustrates the effect of a heavy vehicle on soft or non compacted soil.

Torsion System Load Distribution

Evaluate the torsion system’s ability to distribute weight over a large surface area.

Terra Firma Deflection Test

Test Determine the load carrying capabilities of the Terra Firma access mat.

Tundra Deflection Test

Determine the load carrying capabilities of the Tundra access mat.

Memory Test

Measure the memory performance characteristics of the Terra Firma and Tundra access mats.

Lifting Lug Destruction Test

Test Determine the force required for a lifting lug assembly failure.

Plateau Overload Test

Evaluate the load carrying abilities of this lightweight design.

Abrasion Test

Evaluate the affect of tracked equipment on the recycled rubber mats.