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Torsion System

Molded rubber products with a length greater than a few feet are very flexible by nature. Pathway developed a torsion system to increase the strength, load capacity and weight distribution capabilities of the recycled rubber. Load transfer is the key to an effective mat. The effectiveness of a mat is determined by its ability to transfer the weight of a vehicle or load over a large surface area in order to eliminate or reduce sink age in unstable terrain. In addition, to providing superior load carrying capabilities and load distribution performance, our mats also have a memory. This feature enables Pathway’s mats to “recover” after a heavy load or force has been removed. This significantly reduces permanent, structure damage. This is a key down fall to other materials, such as wood, which often results in permanently damaged mats.

The elastic characteristics of rubber, combined with the torsion system, also enable the mat to conform to uneven lay down surfaces. This feature also further enhances adhesion with the underlying ground and greater reduces the need to mechanically connect mats together in order to keep them in place. Rocking and creeping out of position are common problems associated to ridgid mats made from materials such as wood, steel / wood combinations, plastics, etc.

Pathway offers a range of access mats designed to serve specific applications, load sizes and ground conditions. We also design and manufacture new products to meet specific needs or on an exclusive basis. In addition, we are receptive to technology licensing arrangements. International patents are pending on Pathway’s rigidity enhancement innovation.

Access Mat with No Torsion System


Access Mat with Torsion System