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Plateau Overload Test

Objective: Determine the load carrying capabilities of this lightweight design.

Image 1


The Plateau model features an innovative design which reduces weight without compromising performance. This is top and bottom components prior to lamination. International patents are pending on this innovation.

Image 2


This light duty access mat was designed for light vehicles, people and livestock and to be installed on solid to firm conditions where the underlying foundation is within 3 inches of the surface.

Image 3


The ground selected for the test was soft and wet. The loader sunk in the ground between 8-10 inches. The Plateau mats were installed on undistributed ground located on the left hand side of these ruts.

Image 4


Plateau mats prior to any vehicles.

Image 5


Loader resting on top of Plateau mats with minimal sink age into the soft and wet ground.

Image 6


A loaded dump truck backs onto the Plateau mat installed over wet and soft ground.

Image 7


The loaded dump truck is resting on top of the Plateau mat with minimum sinkage.

Image 8


Deformed Plateau mats after the weight was removed. Deforming occurs when Pathway’s mats are overloaded or subjected to high volume traffic. Although the mats provided a reasonable level of performance they were not designed or intended to be subjected to heavy vehicles or soft ground such as this. The mats were not damaged as a result of these loads and merely need to be restraigthened in order to be used again.